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Wanna work with us?

We rely on testers like you to ensure we bring the very best to the site.

If you are interested in becoming a Hug Longer Tester, join our community and shoot us a message with the following:

Your name
Email Address
Acknowledgement that you have read the below and understand what testing entails with Hug Longer.

 Tester requirements:
1. Testers will test test one or two designs per month. 
An average of 12-24 test per year 

2. Honest feedback +photos required to be posted on the Tester Facebook Group. Stitch outs are great in a staged photo. If you are unable to do that the photo needs to have a single color background.

3. 72hour delivery on each testing item. 

*Testers will receive the finished files of any designs that you test as a thank you.