HL ITH Double Zipper Lined bag and mask bag HL6107

  • $6.99


      Formats included: pes, hus, jef, dst, vp3, xxx and exp.

5x7 2696 stitches 4.75x6.81 (121.1x172.3)

        5x7 with words has 7685 stitches

6x10 3677 stitches 6.31x9.12 (159.6x232.1)

        6x10 with words has 8666 stitches. 

8x10 4080 stitches 7.69x10 (194.5x254.7)

for a personal touch.

I may be able to help out with additional size    es other than listed because as with most instant download digital files refunds are not offered.

You will need to be able to open a .zip file.