Hobo Font 2 inch 1 inch 1/2 inch HL2149
Hobo Font 2 inch 1 inch 1/2 inch HL2149
Hobo Font 2 inch 1 inch 1/2 inch HL2149
Hobo Font 2 inch 1 inch 1/2 inch HL2149
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Hobo Font 2 inch 1 inch 1/2 inch HL2149

Hug Longer Digital Design

This is a digital file that is to be loaded into an embroidery machine. It is not a physical pattern or finished item.

You will receive the complete uppercase and lower case alphabet as well as the punctuation and numbers listed for 2 inch, 1 inch and half inch fonts.

***Please note that the 2 inch font has a very wide satin stitch and it is easily snagged. Due to that it is not suitable for everything. I would not suggest using it on children's clothing.***

Formats included: pes, hus, jef, dst, vp3, xxx and exp. And BX

This font comes in BX format.  What does that mean to you?  It means that if you use Embrilliance Essentials, Embrilliance Alpha Tricks, Embrilliance Express (which is FREE) or Designer’s Gallery Embroidery Works you can install the BX font and use them just like you do your preinstalled letters.  Just strike the letter A to insert the A and so forth.  You can do this on your Mac or regular PC computers.  I have included a PDF that gives you additional instructions as to how use and links to find the programs.

I may be able to help out with additional sizes and formats but please message me prior to purchase if you need files other than listed because as with most instant download digital files refunds are not offered.

You will need to be able to open a .zip file.

You are not purchasing a finished product but the digital files to stitch out the embroidery design, appliqué or in the hoop project that is in the listing. You must have an embroidery machine in order to use these files. Please feel free to message me with any questions prior to purchase.

You may sell up to 100 items that you make using my files but the files cannot be shared or sold. If you would like to sell more items commercial send email for information.

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